Progress your career with an Assistant Buyer role

An Assistant Buyer plays a key role in any procurement team. Your knowledge of your products, services and industry must be second-to-none, while you will also be required to support senior staff and deputise in their absence.

Before you start applying for Assistant Buyer roles, it is important to consider whether you have the required skill set. If you do, the next task is to ensure this comes across in your application. From your CV to the interview, you should always let the company know that you possess the attributes they are looking for.

It is important to note that every role will be slightly different depending on the requirements of the business. Nevertheless, here are the main skills you should highlight:

Passion for the product

Employers like to know you care, and in an Assistant Buyer role this is absolutely essential. You will be expected to have a strong knowledge of everything to do with your business and industry, to ensure you are always alert to any new opportunities that will improve your company’s service and processes.

This is generally much easier to do if you have a genuine passion for the business. Make sure you do not keep this passion to yourself – share it with the recruiter and ensure it is evident throughout the application process.

Strong numeracy

Part of an Assistant Buyer’s role is ensuring the business gets the best value on any purchases. Your role can also include paying invoices, so clearly someone with a head for numbers is required to ensure this vital task is carried out correctly.

From professional qualifications to previous experience, it is certainly worth mentioning your mathematical abilities.

Flexibility and organisation

No two days are the same for an Assistant Buyer. It is an unpredictable profession and you may be required to drop everything and deal with a developing situation at any moment. Being able to comfortably juggle several situations at once is something that is very advantageous for this sort of role.

You need to show recruiters that you are comfortable with this. Prior experience of a high-pressure environment would certainly be beneficial, while any practical examples you can offer that show how you dealt with a problem in a calm, methodical manner will likely impress a recruiter.

Personal skills

As an Assistant Buyer, you will spend a lot of time communicating with others, both inside and outside your organisation.

Successful purchases, transactions and negotiations can hinge on your ability to get along with people, so it is an important skill. This is something you can certainly highlight at the interview stage, as it is a chance to have a conversation with your potential employer and really let your personality shine through.

Results driven

This is arguably the most important quality of all. None of the above skills are of any use if you are not motivated by results.

Use your application to highlight any situations where you have contributed to a commercially successful project. This is a surefire way to impress recruiters and will give you a unique edge over rival candidates.

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