Pay and Holiday Information


  • Proof of eligibility for employment in the UK
  • NI number
  • Bank details - account name, bank name, sort code (6 digits) and account number (8 digits)
  • We may also require a roll number if you bank with certain Building Societies
  • P45/P46 - We require the original copies of the last two sheets of your most recent P45. If you do not have a P45, or it is dated before 6 April, we will need a P46

Complete a

Please complete a timesheet every week ensuring that it is signed by your supervisor/ manager and then email the completed timesheet to or fax it to 020 7256 5421.

The deadline for timesheets is Monday 10am, failure to submit your timesheet by this time will result in non-payment.

If you have any enquiries or comments regarding your timesheet / wages, please email us.

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