Senior Buyer Recruitment

Portfolio Procurement can help you find a highly skilled and widely experienced senior buyer – someone who will quickly make a positive impact on your procurement department.

Main Duties:

  • Consistently evaluate the value offered by each supplier
  • Manage a wider team of buyers and oversee their operations
  • Report to senior figures on procurement activity

Candidate Requirements

In such a top-level role, there are numerous skills and traits we expect to see in any good candidate. The following are the most immediately necessary attributes:

Experience and Expertise

A good few years of experience in buying is mandatory, as this highly important role requires inside-out knowledge of purchasing and logistics – not to mention the confidence to make important decisions quickly.

The ideal candidate will have worked their way up the procurement ladder, as this will mean they have worked as a lower-level buyer. It is hugely important that senior buyers identify with the predicaments and difficulties their lower-level buyers face in their day-to-day work.

Management Capabilities

As senior buyers are top-level figures in the procurement department, they must often supervise and manage a team of buyers – meaning strong leadership skills and the ability to manage are both key.

A Communicative Nature

Your senior buyer will usually report to the procurement manager or the head of the procurement department – detailing everything from their own activity to the performance of the whole buying team, as well as presenting detailed forecasts. A capable senior buyer can communicate this information clearly, and whenever required.

Choose Portfolio Procurement for Recruitment Assistance

We recognise that your senior buyer will be in charge of the procurement process for many vital goods and supplies (many of which the company heavily depends on to operate), so when we look for your candidates, we will make sure only those who are clearly qualified get an interview.

Our aim is to refine your recruitment process – to save you time and resources. Our specialist consultants have an unparalleled knowledge of the procurement sector, helping many companies fill senior and junior vacancies.

Call us on 020 7650 3191 to talk to our recruiters, or post your vacancy on our online database and we'll start looking for your senior buyer right away.

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