Procurement Manager Recruitment

Good management within the procurement department is crucial to a healthy supply chain, and thereby crucial to a company’s operations.

Portfolio Procurement’s recruitment consultants can help you find the skilled managers you need to oversee procurement within your organisation.

A Profile of the Ideal Candidate

When we examine your applicants and assess their suitability for the role, we look for several key skills and attributes.

Prior Experience

As a management position is high up on the hierarchy, previous experience in a finance or business capacity is essential. Usually, a procurement manager will have started out in a lower position such as buyer or assistant buyer.

Academic Qualifications and Industry Accreditation

A degree in finance or business, or another closely related subject such as economics, is always very advantageous, because it shows us that the applicant has a deep, academic understanding of how business works.

Of course, practical ability is just as important as theoretical knowledge, but a degree indicates intelligence and a strong work ethic. Accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply is also very desirable, as it demonstrates that the candidate is professionally committed to the field of procurement and takes a genuine interest in it.

An Efficiency-Focused Outlook

A great deal of company money goes into procurement, so it is very important that managers remain focused on cost-effectiveness at all times. They should continuously strive towards lowering costs while never compromising on the quality of the goods or services they seek. Negotiation skills are useful here, as sometimes you must compromise and meet suppliers halfway.


The ability to oversee the procurement process and ensure that it runs smoothly is essential to success in this role. This involves making sure goods and services are paid for on time, which can have a large impact on relationships with suppliers.


A lot of costs can be saved if you have strong and friendly relationships with suppliers. If your senior procurement figures are genuinely likeable and can establish close working relationships with suppliers, they are much more likely to receive preferential treatment and perhaps even discounts.

Looking for a Procurement Manager?

Portfolio specialises in the recruitment of hard-working and skilled procurement professionals. We will establish your needs from the outset and work with you to find the right person for the role.

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