Job Focus: IT Procurement

With businesses increasingly reliant on IT systems, finding the right candidates for IT procurement roles has become a key task. We spoke to one professional to get an inside look at what our successful candidates can expect.

What is the key to success in IT procurement?

There are so many different aspects to IT procurement, so businesses will most likely be looking for quite a well-rounded candidate with strong technical skills and a personality to match.

From initial market research right through to ensuring the ongoing efficiency of systems, I really need to draw on all my skills each day. As well as a sound knowledge of IT systems in general, it’s also vital to possess the people skills any procurement professional needs in order to develop relationships with potential suppliers.

How would you describe a typical IT procurement project?

As you’d expect, every project is slightly different and you have to react to the situation in front of you, but the core elements remain the same. The research stage is vital, as this is where you discover which system is best for your business needs. After that, it’s a case of contacting the supplier involved, getting as much information as possible and negotiating the best deal.

Building and maintaining a relationship with the people you meet is a must. Even if you don’t end up using a particular supplier, there’s nothing to say you won’t end up going back to them at some stage, so it’s advantageous to have that rapport already in place.

Of course, you must also take care to ensure everything runs smoothly in the long term, from ensuring the ongoing quality of your systems to chasing any late or unpaid invoices as needed.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?


You do get a great sense of accomplishment from this job, simply because having efficient IT systems in place is so fundamental to the day-to-day activities of most businesses. By doing my job well, I help them to function as they should, so I really feel as though I’ve made a tangible difference every day.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of being let down by IT systems at work, so being able to play my part in preventing that from happening is certainly very gratifying.

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