How to find interim procurement roles

Interim managers are highly skilled, experienced professionals who join a company on a temporary basis to provide additional support or expertise during challenging or changing times.

In the procurement industry, interim managers usually help with the delivery of key projects, work on restructuring areas of the department and advise on key issues. They are also expected to help with building relationships with clients and provide additional support when recruitment gaps put strains on a business.

An interim role can be crucial to a business, and an interim procurement job can be a well paid and exciting challenge. If you’re considering a interim procurement role this summer, follow these tips to land your next key role.

Working as an interim manager has many benefits and can be an excellent career move for people who enjoy a varied and challenging working career. It offers variety and flexibility that you can’t find in a manager role, however, you will also be faced with challenges and many people prefer the security and benefits offered by permanent positions.

As an interim manager, you will have the opportunity to have a real impact on businesses and work across a large number of departments. In hand, this also means that interim workers can be faced with a lot of pressure, as they are expected to deliver results quickly and efficiently.

You will need to decide if the element of pressure is something you could handle, and consider the possibility of job insecurity before you decide if this career path is right for you.

By the time you have reached a position to work as an interim manager in the procurement industry, you should have built up a good network of contacts. Now is the time to reach out and see what potential opportunities are available.

Contact previous colleagues in the supply chain industry and see if they know of upcoming changes or restructures that they believe could use your input and expertise.

Work on your CV so it looks more attractive to employers who are interested in hiring interim staff. With interim roles, your CV really has to stand out. There is often strong competition for roles and employers will have an urgent need to hire a suitable professional quickly.

Your past employment and portfolio of work really has to impress an employer at first glance. Ensure you tailor your application to the company you are providing it to by doing your research. Begin with your most relevant and up to date experience and include a brief but detailed statement about yourself, what you can do and what you would be able to bring to the company.

Keep your CV short and concise, and use actual statistics where possible to help make your successes more tangible. Some recruiters will use key search terms to look through candidates, so make sure you use appropriate procurement language where possible.

When looking for relevant interim work, it’s important to contact the right kind of recruiters. Recruiters will have access to a variety of roles that will suit your needs, and can analyse your skills and experience to filter out the best roles for you. They should also have the connections to ensure you’re interviewed by the type of business you will thrive in.

Once you have taken the above steps, you should begin preparing for any interviews you might land. Interviews can often make people nervous, but with the right prep, you will be able to showcase yourself as the best candidate for the role.

The first step is to ensure you have a positive online presence. This means clearing up any social media profiles you may have, ensuring they all have the correct privacy settings on them, and making sure your LinkedIn page is up to date and professional.

Take the time to practice your interview techniques. Ensure you have three or four working scenarios in which you can describe a time you had to overcome a problem using the skills your potential employers will be looking for. If these examples are well rehearsed and concise, you will be able to apply them to a wide range of interviews.

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