How technology is changing procurement

Like many industries, procurement is constantly changing as new technology arrives on the scene, with companies always on the alert for fresh, innovative systems that could improve the speed and quality of their processes. For jobseekers, a sound knowledge of the latest innovations could be just what is needed to gain an edge over other applicants.

Indeed, a March 2015 study conducted by procurement provider Zycus and Michigan State University found that employees felt technology had a positive impact on their individual performance, productivity and effectiveness.

The rise of e-procurement

Procurement has incorporated technology in a variety of ways to help with a broad range of processes. The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) provides a great deal of information on this subject and outlines many of the areas augmented by the use of automated systems.

Businesses can use software to improve processes in tendering, auctioning, sourcing, planning and inventory management, and it can also monitor the status of orders, shipments, invoices, payments and contracts.

With many companies keen to recruit team members who can hit the ground running, technological proficiency is becoming a key component of any competitive CV. Furthermore, if you are keen to progress to a higher level, it is a good idea to take every opportunity to absorb information regarding how these systems work.

The more up-to-date your knowledge, the more impressed a recruiter is likely to be.

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