Are procurement professionals prepared for the modern slavery act?

A shocking one fifth of UK procurement professionals, at businesses with over £36m annual turnover, are unaware of their responsibilities under the Modern Slavery Act.

What is the Modern Slavery Act?

In 2015, parliament passed an act to tackle slavery in the UK (extending to England and Wales only) that consolidates previous offences relating to trafficking and slavery.

The Act requires companies with a turnover in excess of £36m to publish a statement online detailing what they are doing to address slavery and human trafficking within their supply chain.

The government produced guidance on Transparency in Supply Chains to help employers meet their responsibilities under the Act which came into full force on 29th October 2015.

The Modern Slavery Act and the supply chain

According to a survey carried out by the CIPS, of more than 500 purchasing and supply chain professionals, one in four purchasers and supply chain managers at UK businesses that are subject to the Act do not understand how to comply with its requirements. An equivalent proportion have also not take any steps to ensure their organisation complies with the legislation, with just 60% having read the accompanying UK government guidance.

The survey also revealed that only 31% had planned the drafting and approval of the statement by a senior manager, and just 38% of buyers are aware of when they have to publish their first statement.

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